I am a wife, mama, Jesus follower, old soul and lover of simple things. I have also had a lifelong love affair with photography. I think everyone should own a sweet little donkey {or two}, an old dog and a handful of chickens. I am head over heels in love with my life on our happy little farm, nestled right in the heart of Indiana.

In January of 2008, I was 27, and in a month’s time, I lost my first husband to kidney cancer, gave birth to my second child and that February lost my mom to breast cancer. That same year, I remarried, and the following year I gave birth to a little girl with a life-long and life-threatening metabolic condition called a Urea Cycle Disorder. It was a year that marked me. Scarred me. But a year that my faith in God became ROCK SOLID. Unshakable. God works for good all the time and my life, my story, is a testament to that.

Life is hard. Gut-wrenching some days, but there is beauty and goodness to be found everywhere, even in the darkest of times. I can find humor in almost any situation. It’s that skill that has helped keep me sane. I KNOW there is always a silver lining. Sometimes you just have to look extra hard to find it.

Writing is cathartic for me. There are moments I feel as if I’ll combust if I don’t get the words out of my head and off of my heart. So, here I am, ready to share those words with anyone that wants to sit a spell and read them. It may not always be polished. At times it will be raw. But I can promise it will always be honest and authentic, and I pray that through it all, I can be a light, a source of hope. I truly believe that’s why I’ve had to endure so much.


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