I didn’t write one blog post this summer. Didn’t even scratch down ideas. I was consumed by my kids. Their schedules. Every second. Every day. It was exhausting. I loved every minute of it.  Okay, some minutes I didn’t love at all, but ya get it.

I have found that I need time. Time to brainstorm. Time to stew about it. Time to feel the stirring in my soul to write. Time to purge all of those thoughts and ideas out of my head, out of my heart and get them out into the universe. This summer, I didn’t have that time. But, if I had, I probably would have written…

How I LOVE not having to set an alarm clock. Not having to pack lunches. I feel like that one needs repeated. NOT HAVING TO PACK LUNCHES. No homework. That one could bear repeating too. The break from having to get three kids out the door and into the car under a time crunch when we are all tired and grouchy.

I could have written about how Abby and I planted a fairy garden, filled with little animals, trinkets and other fun things. How I planted gladiolas and dahlias for the first time ever. How those flowers make me smile every time I look at them. I have been told that my great-grandma was known for growing the most beautiful glads ya ever did see. So, I grew them in honor of her.

How I loved watching all the kids congregate on our front porch. Run around the yard. Play basketball in the drive. Sit on the hay wagon as the sun went down and talk about who knows what for hours. All the while, nobody was on their cell phones. Gaming devices got unplugged the day school let out. I love how our kids become kids straight outta the 80’s in the summertime.

img_7234How I didn’t watch a tv show of my own pretty much the entire summer. The Handmaid’s Tale just really can’t be watched with kiddos walking in and out of the room. Neither can New Girl. I watched a lot of Dude Perfect with Brady though.

I could have written about how much we missed our time on Sweetwater Lake. We missed the family we spent that time with even more. We took a trip to Kentucky Lake though and I WILL be writing a blog post about that. That four days of nothing but goodness deserves it’s own post.


img_6433How nothing beats sitting around a fire, staring up at a star filled sky in amazement and wonder. How Scott and I argued over the best bug spray to use as I am covering myself in essential oils and he is bathing in DEET.

I could have written about how much I love watching Abby become so independent and take on the morning critter chores all by herself. Standing on a bucket while she puts Axel’s fly mask on and collecting eggs when she wasn’t having to contend with a broody hen. And, I could have written about how much of a fish she is. That girl yearns for summer ALL YEAR LONG because her favorite time is pool time.

01a89e77-69de-4178-8fe2-ca738a3d3862.jpgWatching Gracie become a high school volleyball player. Oof. This one threw me for more of a loop than I anticipated. Wasn’t I just in that gym the summer before my freshmen year pouring blood, sweat and tears into that very same program? It happened fast.

I could have written about sunsets. Glorious, glorious sunsets. I know standing on a beach looking out over the ocean is a sunset lover’s dream. But, my Hoosier heart loves looking out over a bean field as that sky is filled with those beautiful colors to mark the end of another day.

img_7181How every summer we fill the barn full of hay. I could have written about how much I hate that chore with every fiber of my being. But, I also could have written about how much I love looking at that hay all stacked in the barn and just smile knowing it’s done. Until next time.

I could have written about Chicago. The 24 hour period we had without kids. That blessed, blessed time that we didn’t have to answer to anyone but us. We have never lived a life together without kids. It was a much needed break. Scott and I (along with our dear friends/neighbors/basically family) were not ready to come home. At. All. TAKE ME BACK. Also, Go Cubs Go!

img_7580How we took two quick trips to the farm but those trips were worth every single minute. Front porch swinging with Grams. Hearing Gramps tell stories. Taking them out to dinner and seeing them hold hands like two young kids in love. Time with them is never wasted. I can’t wait to get back down to see them again soon.

59cd127d-a7ce-41d6-aa8e-a1cba435a8adAnd, I could have and WILL write about baseball. So much BASEBALL. I did have to set multiple alarms for those early morning baseball games. So early. But you can’t beat watching the sunrise as you head to the field. Or sweating while doing absolutely nothing but watching a game. Or seeing your kid hit their first home run and feeling like your heart is gonna burst right out of your chest. Oh I have so many things to write about baseball. That one is next.

50d6a4d7-7356-4201-878e-24db2142be79How we got to spend time with my brother and his family in Indy. Dude Perfect. Zoo. Late night IHOP run. Shopping. Red Robin. I love my brother. I love his wife. I love their boys. So grateful for the time we get to spend with them.

a4dce10f-ef4a-41e9-8511-ccac35120e53County fair. Time with family. Our great neice and nephew we love so much. Cooking breakfast over the fire. Time at the Hoeltke farm. The Lion King. Blanket Forts. Lazy days. Walmart sushi. Too much wasabi. Still feel bad about that. Super sorry, Scott.

I could have written about all of these things and so many more. But, I didn’t. Instead I just lived them. Soaked them all up. Cherished the precious and oh so fleeting time with our kids this summer.  Making memories. Loving this life. Feeling grateful for the beauty of it. They are back in school. Now I have the time. Now, I’m writing it down. I never wanna forget.

As always, thanks for reading!





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