May is BANANAS. I am not telling any parent of a school aged child anything they don’t already know. Kids are over it. Mom’s are over it. Dad’s are over it. Teachers are SO BEYOND OVER IT. God bless every last one of them that has to deal with all of our kids every day. I am tired of homework. I am tired of packing lunches. I am SO incredibly tired of getting the show on the road every morning to whiny kids who don’t want to MOVE. Come. On. Why it is a surprise every single morning that we need to brush our teeth?? JUST DO IT ALREADY.

The piano recital is over. The band concert is done. Field Day has come and gone, as have those end of the year field trips. The dance recital is checked off the list as well. Teacher Appreciation Week. Abby’s birthday. Mother’s Day. I would love to know what man person decided THAT day should be in May.  Tennis practices. Volleyball. ALL THE BASEBALL GAMES. The 8th grade semi-formal. Oh, and I almost forgot, the play. May is so jam packed that it is a struggle to catch your breath at times. It is like all the sports and all the school activities come together for a grand finale of stuff that lasts ALL MONTH LONG. For good measure, we decided to throw in replacing our pool liner this month. We didn’t hire that out. Soooo, that was fun.

We even managed a trip down to the farm. It was just for one night but we got to spend time with my dad and took Grams and Gramps out for pizza and ice cream. Gramps played baseball in the front yard with Brady, despite Grams telling him he wouldn’t be able to walk in the morning. He’s 93. He can still catch a baseball. Grams and I sat on their front porch and talked for hours. And, the next day she made us breakfast while I picked Grandpa’s brain about all the years he played baseball growing up. It would have been so much easier to stay home. I am SO glad we took the trip. Always. Take. The. Trip.

But, now it’s hitting me. The night before our last day of school.  Tomorrow is the last time I will drop Brady off at elementary school. The last time I will drop Gracie off at the middle school. The last time Abby will have her brother walking in to school with her, until she heads to middle school herself in a couple years. In just a few months we will have a freshman in high school, a 6th grader and a 4th grader. This is one of those years that just sucker punches ya straight in the gut. It’s a transition year. Those are the toughest years. Saying goodbye to those schools and teachers that have helped raise our kiddos is hard on a mama’s heart. I just pray that the next step is smooth and kind.

They say time flies. They say not to blink. If there’s a truer statement, I can’t think of it right now.

This summer will be filled with baseball. Baseball. Baseball.  We have tennis camp. Volleyball. Piano lessons. Did I say baseball? We also have so many nights sitting around the fire. Hot days in the pool. Rainy days watching movies. I’m guessing they still aren’t too old to build tents with every single blanket in our house. We will go through a thousand popsicles. Our grocery bill will go up by half. Bare feet. Sun-kissed skin. Kids will be in and out of our house all summer long. We will become the home of 8 million flies who slip in every time the door opens. I will hang my tacky fly strips up. Don’t judge. They work.

The house will be a mess and it will drive me crazy. Lights will be left on and I will try not to lose my mind. The kitchen will become a science lab/bakery and I will taste test everything while trying not to let the disaster it took to make whatever concoction cloud my judgement. The kids will fight and I will put on my black and white striped shirt and referee. Multiple times. Daily.

This entire school year, I have had the school day’s to myself. A quiet house. A tidy house. Things done just the way I want them, when I want them done. All of that is about to change. And, as much as I love it, the noise, chaos, activity, it’s gonna take me about a week to adjust to the ruckus again. But, I will. I will soak up the time. I will take a gazillion pictures. I will have a grateful heart. This time is fleeting and I’m trying with all my might not to blink.

I’ve got an awards ceremony to get through and a 5th grade graduation to try and not do the ugly cry at tomorrow and then…Bring. On. Summer Break!!

As always, thanks for reading.


2 Replies to “{Oh, May}”

  1. What no one ever tells you is, as you get older time goes by even faster . My grandmother once told me” I laid down for a nap & I was 80. When I woke up I was 90.” This one was lovely. Keep taking photos & going to the farm.

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